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Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Smoking Cessation Some people think hypnotherapists do no more than help people to stop smoking and lose weight. In reality the greatest part of my work is devoted to helping people with anxiety related problems and panic attacks.

Anxiety can give rise to many problems from social difficulties to annoying habits. The unconscious seeks a way to discharge anxiety and often does so through behaviour. If the behaviour is not acceptable or helpful to the individual then it becomes a problem. Anxiety can contribute to a lack of self confidence, excessive self consciousness and a hesitancy to meet other people

Panic Attacks are part of the body’s fight or flight response and can be quite debilitating. The way a person deals with them can range from feeling apprehensive about having one to avoiding situations just in case a panic attack happens. This can cause a lot of complications in one’s life. I have worked with many people through the years suffering panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy is an ideal way of addressing anxiety and panic attacks.

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