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Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation How many times have you said to yourself

“I will stop smoking, after the weekend, after the party, after Christmas.”

only to find yourself continuing to smoke. I call this behaviour the “Smoker’s Conflict”. You know you want to stop and have good reason to do so. Unfortunately, when you try to stop the desire and craving become so strong that it overwhelms you - so you give in, light up and afterward regret having done so.

Stopping smoking is not easy – nicotine is addictive and there are many associations made with smoking that become a part of day to day life. For example – on the telephone, having a cup of tea, driving, a task completed or before starting one, stress, relaxation, gardening, on the computer – these are just some daily activities that may be associated with smoking that may trigger the desire to smoke.

Hypnotherapy is used to aid smoking cessation and can help to make the process far easier. It is a drug and chemical free approach that uses hypnosis to strengthen will power and deal with the underlying needs that keep you smoking.

In most cases cravings are eliminated and the typical side effects many people suffer when trying to stop smoking on their own are eliminated – so for most people irritability is not an issue when using hypnotherapy.

Stopping smoking is a real investment in your health and future - so in every way you are better off: feeling healthier, younger, cleaner, fitter, fresh breath, clean teeth, fresh smelling clothes, home and car, more energy, more money and a wonderful feeling of freedom. In addition many clients find they feel empowered – having successfully overcome smoking can greatly contribute to increased confidence.

You do not need to be told of the ill effects on your body and the risks you take with your health. You see the message every time you buy a packet of cigarettes or a pack of tobacco. Unfortunately such pressure does not help you to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy may be the way for you to become a non smoker without the usual side effects so many people experience when trying to stop on their own.

Stopping smoking, at any age, confers substantial and immediate health benefits including reduced cardiovascular disease risk, reduced risk of strokes, attributable cancers and heart attack.

The Smoking Cessation Programme I have developed consists of two hypnotherapy sessions (spaced a week to two weeks apart), and homework exercises. It is my aim to strengthen your will power and change the subconscious attitude to the habit thus making it something you do not want to do again.

Session One: (approximately 75-90 minutes)

If you have not used hypnotherapy before an introduction will be given so you gain an understanding of hypnosis and how the approach works.

This is followed by an in depth discussion that considers your smoking habit, such as likes, dislikes, why you want to stop and any concerns you may have in becoming a non smoker. For example, some people worry they will put on weight – if you make this concern known to me it will be incorporated into the therapy.

Finally you will be guided into hypnosis and the exercise will be recorded onto a cassette tape for you to use at home in preparation for your second session.

Session Two: (approximately 90 minutes)

During this session you will be involved in a therapy process that aims to strengthen your will power and change the underlying desire that keeps you smoking. The therapy exercises used will reflect the information gathered during Session One. Another exercise will be put onto a cassette for home use. This is a therapy enhancement exercise.

The cassette you receive will be recorded for you personally to reflect your individual needs. Use of the cassettes will be explained during the sessions. The first exercise is used until Session Two and the second exercise may be used for up to a month after Session Two.

I do not use exactly the same therapy for every person I see who consults me to stop smoking – my approach is client centred and I formulate the therapy to reflect the needs of the individual. It is my belief that the needs of the individual can only be properly addressed on a personalised basis. I work on a one to one basis to give full attention to the needs of the individual client before me.

Smoking Cessation Programme Fee is £90 (until 14th January 2005) and is payable at Session One. A cheque with a guarantee card or cash is acceptable.

To make an appointment you may contact me on 01492 593518 (office hours please) or you are welcome to contact me

Once an appointment is made you will receive a letter of confirmation, my brochure and directions to find me. I am based 3 miles outside of Conwy town.

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