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Smoking Cessation

Dear Shirley, Just a wee note to Thank you so much for your help and support over the last few weeks.  It has all been sincerely appreciated. X 

Dear Shirley, Thank you so much for the tapes.  It is wonderful to hear words that are so personally relevant to me…I appreciate your help enormously.  All my best wishes. X

Hello Shirley, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Well I’m here ….. and I really do appreciate all you did for me. X

Dear Shirley, Thanks for all your help.  It has been greatly appreciated and has meant so much to me and how I live my life… Thanks once again and all the best for the New Year.  

Comfortable journey No problems Best Wishes X  

Dear Shirley, I thought it might be time for me to write to you and let you know I’ve been doing fine my panic attacks have stopped…Thank you very much, it has been lovely to forget about all the things that used to stress me out, thank you, from X

Dear Shirley, just to say thanks for all your help from both of us.  We wish you all the best and will always remember your kindness and also your practical help, Yours X

Dear Mrs Owen, I was most impressed with your natural manner when I came to see you the other day.  Just a note to say how wonderful your tape is.  Thank you.  It is truly a gift from the heart, Thank you, X

Shirley, I had been meaning for ages to write and tell you how I was getting on so well in my life….Now I realize that whatever is going to happen will happen, so I’m now thanking you with all my heart for pointing me in the direction to a better life.  I now live more for the moment of each day that arrives. 

It has been wonderful to find that I can partake in the life others always seem to be enjoying.  Kind regards…X  

Dear Shirley, I just wanted to say a proper thank you for the work you did with my daughter during the summer about her anxiety attacks.  It is amazing to think how relaxed she is now and confident.  She enjoys her life now as any well balanced 17 yr old girl should!!  I remarked to her a short while ago how much she had moved on she couldn’t even remember how frightened and anxious she was!!  Thank you so much Shirley, best wishes, XX

Hi Shirley, As you can see by this card, we arrived in X and all is/was fantastic.  2 take offs and 2 landings the flights were wonderful.  Many many THANKS for all that you have done for me, X  

Thank you very much, was loads better, read magazines, did puzzles and looked out of the window!  Wondering where to go next…..! 

Best Wishes…X  

Dear Shirley, A card as promised.  Trust it finds you in good health. Outward journey seemed ok and no problems arose.  Many thanks X

Dear Shirley, I am continuing to use your tape as often as I can and it is wonderful – so relaxing….. X

Dear Shirley, One month later and I am still a NON SMOKER, From the bottom of my heart, thanks and thanks again

Dear Shirley, I would like to thank you for everything you have done – I now live on my own and am infinitely more happy as the structure of my life has changed beyond recognition.  ….. I would not have been able to achieve these things without your help, thank you again, regards X

Dear Shirley, I hope you are feeling well and recovering from your operation.  I was just writing to say thank you so much for all the help over the past few months – it has made a real difference in all of the ways I’d hoped.  I’m calmer, more relaxed (no shaky hands) and far more positive.  So thank you so much – you do offer a wonderful service.  Take care and thanks again, XX

Dear Shirley, Just a note to thank you for helping me with my recent anxiety problem.  Thank you for your kindness, expertise and professionalism.  It has opened my eyes to a very beneficial alternative therapy and I would not hesitate to contact you again if I needed any future help, yours sincerely, X

From a 15 year old who had a fear of the dentist: 

Thank you so much it has really helped with going and getting fillings.  I hadn't really noticed a difference until I went last week and I wasn't scared or nervous at all!  It was great.  I almost fell asleep when I was in the dentist chair, having a filling!  You've really helped me.  Thank you so much.

"We got in touch with Shirley through a friend when our daughter would not go to school, didn't eat and was listless and out of sorts. We had been to all the doctors for various tests and nothing came out of it. After a few weeks with Shirley the change in her was amazing - through hypnosis and the relaxing tapes she came to be herself again plus more! Now we have our daughter back to her old self and more confident that ever before. I would highly recommend her to anyone she she has a super way with children and adults alike - we can only but thank her for her help" Mrs Davies 12th April 2007

"Hi Shirley Just a note too thank you for the work you did with my son, he suffered nearly 4 years not able to sleep due to fear of something he believed was true, doctors or consultants could not help but after recommendations of a friend we came to you after 5 sessions the result is unbelievable. He is 10 years of age, very active he can now relax at bed time and give everybody a rest. A BIG THANK YOU xxx" From a parent 12/5/08

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