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Weight Loss Using Hypnotherapy
Smoking Cessation Slimming Clubs and Diet Sheets work really well for those who have will power.

With will power you can follow the advice received from the slimming clubs and the diet sheets. With will power you will lose weight because you will be able to do everything necessary to ensure positive change. With will power it is easy because you are in control of your food intake.

So what happens to those lacking will power?

In a word overweight or obesity – a word very much in the news today. If you eat too much food, or eat the wrong kind of food your body will increase in size and weight.

Overweight means being ten to twenty per cent greater than the acceptable range;

Obesity means being over twenty per cent greater than the acceptable range.

Whether you would classify yourself as overweight or obese you will be aware that there are adverse health effects. Such as increased blood pressure; tiredness; stress on the weight bearing joints; a reduced ability to exercise; an increased risk of gallstones; diabetes; increased risk of coronary artery disease; elevated blood fats (cholesterol); varicose veins; hiatus hernia; poor wound healing; reduced life expectancy; osteoarthritis; and, in women, an increase in irregular period; period pains and cancers of the breast and womb.

These are facts that are well documented. Through the years I have worked with many people on their weight loss programmes. I have come to understand that although health is a serious issue there is generally something more making people want to create a slimmer, lighter and healthier body. It is all about emotions. The way one feels about themselves when overweight.

In most cases when a client is before me wanting help to develop a strong will power they are not so concerned with the stress on their digestive system or their weight bearing joints. They are concerned with feeling embarrassed, self conscious, lacking confidence, feeling old and frumpy, not being able to wear the fashionable fitting clothes and so on.

The way people feel about themselves serves as a strong incentive to seek help through hypnotherapy to create a lighter, slimmer, healthier body. It is common to feel self conscious; lack confidence; feel uncomfortable with one’s appearance; unhappy with the clothes one may wear; feel uncomfortable within a relationship; feel held back and many clients tell me they feel the way people treat them is different too.

Hypnotherapy can help to develop will power and address any blockages that may be stopping you lose weight. Food can be used incorrectly by the subconscious. When this happens you will find yourself overeating and often the wrong kind of food.

The subconscious may believe food can help you to feel happier, calmer, more relaxed or even deal with stress or unhappiness. If this is so you will act upon the subconscious desire and overeat. Of course comfort eating is of no help – it only makes things worse, because when you overeat you put on more weight. When you put on more weight you feel unhappy and the circle begins again so your subconscious encourages you to eat more to feel better. It is like a circle you may feel powerless to change.

In some cases overeating may be a bad habit that can be changed through hypnotherapy.

Some people eat through boredom, or find themselves getting into bad habits they are not consciously aware of – eating up the children’s left overs, not wanting to waste the food on the plate or eating to be sociable.

Hypnotherapy can help by strengthening will power and determination to be able to follow a sensible eating regime and exercise programme.

Generally two to three sessions are required for the weight loss programme. Homework is given through the use of a personalised exercise that most people find enjoyable (recorded onto a cassette for home use). At the end of the programme another exercise is recorded onto a cassette for home use.

Sessions are of 90 minutes duration and the fee is £35 per session.

Booster Sessions are available if required after a weight loss programme. These sessions are of 60 minutes duration and are designed to offer continued support and address any problems that may arise as a result of weight loss. The fee for the Booster Sessions is £25.

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