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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be able to drive after the session?

Yes you will.

Am I being controlled in hypnosis?

No, you remain in control at all times.

Will I be unconscious or asleep?

No. You remain aware throughout the therapy.

Can anyone achieve hypnosis?

Provided they want to and can cooperate, yes.

What is it like to be in hypnosis?

It is a most pleasant and particularly relaxing experience.

Are there any side effects?

Yes and all beneficial. Better sleep, removal of tension, feeling calmer and a greater sense of well being.

Will I do/say anything I would not want to?

No as you are in control.

Is Hypnotherapy used for improvement in sports performance?

It helps to improve concentration and motivation not only in sports but wherever motivation is needed.

Is this therapy delivered in a group setting?

No. I work on a one to one so you receive therapy tailored to your needs.

When did you qualify?

March 1986 I qualified in hypnotherapy. In 1998 I gained the Diploma in Counselling (Bangor University) and in 2003 gained my Masters Degree in Counselling (Liverpool University). My Dissertation was titled “Counselling and Hypnosis – An Integrative Model”.

Is this a confidential service?


Can hypnosis be used through pregnancy?

Yes – both for the benefits of relaxation through the pregnancy and preparation for the birth too.

Do you have a Supervisor?

Yes I attend regular supervision.

How do I make an appointment?

Phone me on 01492 596918 (leave a message for me to return your call if call minder answers). Email me on